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 Information and setting for 'War of Surreal'

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PostSubject: Information and setting for 'War of Surreal'   Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:44 am

The land of Surreal is beautiful and breathtaking. It is rich in resources and home to the four elemental races (Fire, Water, Air and Earth). The elementals lived in relative harmony with each other and the land. But then the humans came from across the ocean and laid claim to Surreal for themselves. They built settlements along the coast before pushing inland. They thought Surreal was not inhabited until they started to run into various elementals. Not understanding what these creatures were, they started to capture them so they could study them and find out what they were. Through mysterious circumstances (Yet to be revealed) the humans found they could harness and make use of the elementals powers and abilities.

Under the leadership of their ruler, Emperor Frederic V, they fully invaded Surreal and captured as many various kinds of elementals throughout the land. They put the elementals to work with little thought or care towards their needs. The Ilumi are hunters with specialist training in capturing elementals. They travel the lands seeking out, capturing and then bringing back elementals for service to the humans.

The water elementals are put to work in the agriculture sector on farms, mills and other areas that need assistance with water. They also at times are made to work alongside fire elementals to power the human’s various steam machines which can be very exhausting.

Fire elementals are used as weapons of war and were forced to kill fellow elementals during the great invasion. They are bound in chains; which restrains them and makes them completely under their human masters command.

Air elementals were made to work on ships that sailed the sea’s, so that the humans did not have to rely on their sails or whenever the wind would blow.

Earth elementals were forced to mine the ground and mountains for metals and precious jewels. They were forced to work with blacksmiths and jewellery makers.

For years the humans have continued to build and extend their empire on Surreal, but the elemental’s have finally had enough and are refusing to give any further ground. They are beginning to form an active rebellion of all four clan’s to fight for their freedom and to regain Surreal from human hands.

Elemental Clans still to come.

Human Factions still to come.

Map of Surreal still to come.

Players can choose to play human or one of the four elementals. Players will need to put up the character they wish to play for perusal and approval, so that all characters played meet the setting and fit in with the different kinds of elementals and human factions that are in play. This story is brought to you by the combined brains of September blue and Girbot.
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Information and setting for 'War of Surreal'
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