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 Human information and factions for Surreal

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PostSubject: Human information and factions for Surreal   Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:03 pm

The humans came from the land of Diedre’. They have nearly run out of all natural resources and sent out scouting ships to find other lands to claim and settle. Their Empire is currently at its peak. The Diedren are technologically advance and use science to create mechanical inventions that assist in their daily living. Such as machines for transport, heating and cooling of their homes, machines for battle and defence just to list some.

Each land that they have settled, they have enslaved the inhabitants for various uses. Thus the Diedren have become a little lazy over the years. They are waited on hand and foot by servants, all menial tasks are completed by forced labour, while they get fat off the plunder from these lands.

The Kumil Imperial Guard – These men and women are highly trained in all forms of combat from close combat to the use of various kinds of weapon. They are the cream of the crop taken from the Imperial War Academy, to serve the Emperor and protect the capital city of Amorus. Wherever the Emperor goes, they travel with him. They are feared throughout the other lands that the Diedre’ have conquered.

The Ilumi Hunters – Diedre’ hunters are generally good at what they do. They bring in a meat source to most villages and local towns that they live in or around. The Eli Academy is always on the look out for exceptional hunters. These are brought in and trained to a special standard for hunting elementals. They are cold and calculating, elementals hate and despise these men and women.

Diedre’ Imperial Army – Men and women at the age of eighteen are encouraged to join the Imperial War Academy. All Diedre’ do a stint in the army for a certain amount of years as payment for the Emperor’s care and protection of them. There are various keeps and castles that are garrisoned with Imperial troops throughout Surreal. Their duty is to protect the citizens that live in neighbouring villages and towns from any hostile forces that the Empire deems as an enemy.
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Human information and factions for Surreal
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