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 C-Reset on 11-26-12

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PostSubject: C-Reset on 11-26-12   Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:28 pm

Effective November 26th, there will be a C-Reset. Every currently-approved character must be reset to Level 1 and re-approved by the Staff. Ability Scores need not be re-rolled, but the addition of a Special (see Character Creation Rules) of some kind must be present at the time of re-application. Some characters have already undergone this process, though the Tony-ahn will not list them here now. In the event of adding new 'features' in the future, such as recently adding Specials to the requirements, a C-Reset, C-Wipe or the like will be avoided if at all possible.
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C-Reset on 11-26-12
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