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 Information and setting for 'The Island with No Name'

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PostSubject: Information and setting for 'The Island with No Name'   Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:25 am

The setting for this RP is a strange island with no name.  It looks very much like an island paradise.  It is already inhabited by a fairy and Brownie population.  It has a mountain range, a large cave in which the ‘Bogeys Bar and Grill’ can be found with a hotel next door.  The cavern is large enough for a small city to be built within.  Outside the cave is grassland that stretches out to a great forest that runs from east to west of the Island.  To the west of the Island the great Fairy tree and grove is found where the fairy’s kingdom is built.  To the east, the Brownie grove and kingdom is found.  The fairy’s and brownie’s all stand at around 1 inch in height.   The Fairy’s and Brownies have been on the island the longest and then were joined by Sakura the owner of the ‘Bogey’s Bar and Grill’ within the cave.   There is a long white sandy beach to be found on the other side of the great forest and a beautiful crystal clear ocean of water.

Creatures from various worlds and dimensions are being drawn to the Island for an unknown reason by a mysterious character known as the ‘Dollmaker’.  As players will know, the Emperor of the Sky and the Empress of the Moon along with their dragon and kitsune armies have arrive on the Island.  Some humans have also arrived as well as Equinade.     Players are welcome to join in the strange adventures that are to be had on the Island with No Name. Players should also be advised, that once a Character has been brought to the Island with no Name, that Character cannot leave until the storyline has been fully played out.

This storyline is brought to you by Bogey!  If you have any questions ask her or put them here on the forum.
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Information and setting for 'The Island with No Name'
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