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 Some of the Denizen's of the Island:

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PostSubject: Some of the Denizen's of the Island:   Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:52 am

The Emperor of the Sky Palace

Talon Blackheart is the young Emperor of the Sky Palace.  He is a black oriental dragon and represents Yin.  He leads a large dragon army and has been fighting on and off with his sister the Little Empress who represents Yang.  His forces are led by a black Kitsune named General Aiko.  He has an unsteady alliance with the kitsune Shinobi Assassin Amaterasu.

The Empress of the Moon Palace

Starlight is the empress of the Moon Palace.  She is a silvery white oriental dragon and represents Yang, she is also goddess of the moon.  She is constantly balancing out her brother’s darker nature.  She has a force of dragon’s at her command and like her brother has a White Kitsune General named Rei.

The Kitsune pack

There are several Kitsune now on the island.

Oracle Blue is a white Kitsune who has two particular abilities that stand out to most.  She is able to use music to create beings from paper, grass, stones etc to do her bidding.  She also has visions of the future and can predict certain things hence the reason for her name.  She has a brother and two sisters who were involved in the fighting between the Dark Emperor and the Little Empress.  Like any kitsune she is full of mischief and can be playful and sweet to those who met her.  She is has also become a part-time bartender at the ‘Bogey’s Bar and Grill’.

Rei Blue is a white Kitsune who is the General of the Little Empress’s forces.  She is the twin sister to Amaterasu and the older adopted sister to Oracle.  She has been looking after her fellow siblings in one way or another since the death of their mother.   She feels responsible for them.  Her special skills are healing, blade skill and speed.   Rei and Oracle came to the aid of a kitsune named Isamu who is the brother of Hakuzo.  Rei has taken it upon herself to train him in the ways of the blade and the kitsune since he was raised by humans and isn’t aware of all his abilities as of yet.

Amaterasu Blue is a black Kitsune and twin sister to Rei.  She is the adopted older sister to Oracle.  Ama (for short), has a deep hatred for humans due to witnessing the death of her mother at human hands.   She trained to be the best Shinobi Assassin ever to exist so that she would never fall prey to humans or their Yokai hunters.  For almost a thousand years she was forced to serve the Dark Emperor when he stole her soul orb, so as to make her grant him whatever wish he desired.   Recently due to interesting events on the island, Ama has her soul back and has been reunited with her siblings.  She is also now very much attached to a Kitsune named Hakuzo as he is similar in mind and thought as she has been.

They are joined by Imasu and Hakuzo, the Kitsune brothers.

The Kitusne pack has grown recently, adopting Sodouku the Oni Witch and her daughter Mittens. As well as the Yokai Hunter Tantou Sakura. They have also included the Oni Abraxus.

The Fairy Kingdom

The fairies are ruled by Queen Gia who is the oldest and wisest of them all.  She is kind and considerate and has a mothering manner towards all fairies beneath her rule.   The fairies were the first to be placed on the island, they were transported from their original home and no longer fully remember where they come from.  They are at times in disagreement with the Brownies who arrived soon after.  The fairy’s nicknamed the brownies ‘Termites’ because they can’t fly and build directly on the ground.  The fairy’s like to live in the tree’s and make use of the tree sap for their food.

Captain Valkyrie is the captain of the queen’s guard.  She protects the Queen and the main palace.  General Athena leads the Queen’s army of fairies.  She is very dedicated in her job and makes sure the fairy armies are trained and ready for anything.    Then there is Armon who is the commander of the scouts and rangers.   He is responsible for scouting out possible enemy infractions.   There are some other fairy’s that run around known as Silkie, Butterfly and Chronos.

The Brownie Kingdom

The Brownie’s arrived shortly after the fairies.  They are ruled by Queen Allison who can be a bit short tempered at the best of times.  The brownies built their kingdom from the wood and stone they found laying around.  Their kingdom looks very medivil in build.  They have had their fair share of disagreements with the fairy’s as they believe that the fairy’s are sucking the life out of the land when they take the sap from the tree’s.  Hence they nicknamed the fairy’s ‘mozzies’.
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Some of the Denizen's of the Island:
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