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 Elemental information and Factions

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PostSubject: Elemental information and Factions   Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:09 pm

The Elementals have lived in harmony with the land of Surreal since they can remember. Various elementals live in certain areas that suit their particular element. Such as Fire Elementals near Volcanoe’s and hot springs, Earth Elementals in the great desert or mountains, Air elementals in the forests or mountain peaks and Water elementals near or in rivers, creeks or along the coast. The elementals live according to their clans and the territories that naturally belong to them.

The Fire Clan: Fire elementals are known to be wanderers and restless. They don’t generally stay in the one place for very long but keep tabs of known fire elemental known protected sanctuaries. Their current leader is known as Ismeralla, the Lady of Flames and Witch of Wayward Mountain. Due to how heavily they have been hunted, the Fire clan has kept a low profile in recent years but have started an underground resistance to fight for the freedom of their people. They built great beacon’s on various mountain tops so that when the time was right, they could send word to all the clans and come out of hiding to begin their war of independence. Fire elementals are known to be tempermental and can easily made angry or become aggressive. They don’t forgive nor apologise easily and are very prideful.

Fire elementals are as the name says a being of flame. They can manipulate fire to their will, become fire and fly because they are weightless. Their weakness however is lack of oxygen and water. Like all elementals they can take a human shape though if they wear clothes, the material must be fire proof through either special material or spells threaded through the lining.

The Water Clan: Water elementals are friendly and generally kind. They like to play and frolic in the waterways such as rivers, creeks and the ocean along the coast of Surreal. They construct little teepee’s near the area that they have claimed as their territory. They have been fighting the final battle against the human invasion who has struggled to take over all the waterways. Water elementals are fun and playful. They don’t trust human’s but due to what the humans have done are happy to trust their fellow elemental’s in the days to come.

Water elementals are beings of water, they are able to manipulate water into shapes, lash out with them and cause large waves in the open seas. Their weakness is, if they are removed from a source of water for too long they get sickly and will die. They can take human shape but are restricted with how far away from a water source they can travel.

The Air Clan: Air elementals adore the sky. They play and frolic amongst the clouds and are the most difficult of all the elements to capture due to the fact that they can make themselves invisible to the naked eye. They live on mountain peaks or amongst the clouds as they believe their territory is the sky. Since the invasion, Air elementals rarely take human form unless it is to converse with fellow elementals that are grounded. They were the first to ally with the Fire elementals when the resistance was created. They spy on the human’s and are able to give the resistance advance warnings of Imperial troop movements and other things.

Air elementals are beings of air. They can control and manipulate the wind and can cause storms with the assistance of water elementals. They can fly and generally are invisible most of the time. This has been their saving grace throughout the years the humans have tried to capture them.

The Earth Clan: Earth elementals can be serious and grumpy. They tend to be found in the mountains or in the great desert. They can manipulate earth to do what they wish, from building structures to throwing boulders at their enemies or creating golems. They are a very thoughtful and kind people and like to read and study. They have taken to reading what books they can find that the humans have written in an attempt to understand these invaders. They are possibly the only clan that educates their young in how to read and write. Due to their hardiness, the imprisonment that many earth elements have undergone has not been harsh though it is often exhausting. They are seen as valuable due to their ability to bring to the surface precious stones for the humans.

Earth elementals are beings of earth. They control and manipulate dirt, stone, metal and precious stones. Anything that comes up from the earth they can make use of. In war, they are the shield while the fire elementals are the sword. They can take human form, and live like nomads mainly in the great desert. In this way they have been able to slow down the human’s ability to capture those who are still free.
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Elemental information and Factions
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